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Stress, Lies,
and Vacancy

It’s time to level up and embrace a self-care mindset. Refilling your empty vessel should be part of your newly learned behavior.

Dr. Raushannah Johnson Verwayne

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Dr. Raushannah Johnson-Verwayne, also known as “Dr. RJ” is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of Standard of Care Psychological Services, LLC, in Atlanta, GA. Dr. RJ brings a balance of science, practicality, wit, humor, and relatedness. Whether it’s speaking at a women’s conference, hosting a corporate retreat, or attending a grassroots community service event in the community, Dr. RJ is passionate about wellness and self-care.

She advocates for those affected by emotional and behavioral issues and focuses on evidence-based, trauma-informed care, to improve overall quality of life for clients. With many years of experience, Dr. RJ has mastered helping clients develop realistic, long-lasting, and life changing goals.


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Mindful Eating

So with most of the country at home and out of routine, snacking is probably at an all time high. I decided to pull out

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Catching Feelings

Whether it’s rage, fear, or joy, humans are wired to catch and spread emotions. This “emotion contagion” is quite powerful and can either be beneficial

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The Cost of Perfectionism

Research suggests that overtime perfectionism has increased, partially due to the “latchkey kid” generation growing up as helicopter parents in response to the subtle (and

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I love analogies….

I love analogies and when I think about wellness, I think about how we are so much like our smartphones. We’re pulled in many different

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"After working with Dr. RJ, I can deal with my everyday struggles better than I ever have."
"Dr. RJ seems to genuinely want to find the real problem and the real solution."

New Release

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Self Care Guide

Stress, Lies
and Vacancy

We must be willing to stand in the gap and be accountable to each other by encouraging one another to make self-care a priority and not be ashamed to seek therapy or take off the cape and mask. Stress, Lies, and Vacancy is your doctor’s order to end the cycle of a self-sacrifice mindset once and for all!

Self Care Guide

I Want It All Back

Reclaiming the Rights to Your True Self & Your Sanity

I Want It All Back will give you the tools used by mental health experts to reclaim the new you and have more power and control over your life. With your truths and positive practice, Dr. RJ sets you on a path to gaining back your happiness, your mind, your self-control, and your future. Take a moment and allow this wellness and self-care message to heal your mind, body, and soul. Self-care is not selfish.

"I am my Sister's Keeper."

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